Astro Boy and Roll Light see Nowi crying when Charlie and Lola ruin the footprint painting by drawing some pornographic pictures out of Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire.

Transcript Part 1: Charlie and Lola mess Azura's gift upEdit

  • (May 13th, The Lakeside, 7:00 AM)
  • (It's a wonderful morning as Condor the Dodrio is on the branch cawing during daybreak. After Condor finishes cawing, he then jumped out of the branch and ran into Azura's castle to find Nowi)
  • (We then see Nowi in her room sleeping with her dragon plush in her arms)
  • [Condor the Dodrio then goes through the Pokèmon panel door to enter Nowi's room and jumps onto Nowi's bed]
  • (Nowi then opens her eyes to see her Dodrio looking at her)
  • Nowi: Good morning Condor, what's that thing you have on your beak?
  • [Nowi then removes the piece of paper from Condor's joy beak]
  • Nowi: Dear Nowi. Today is Mother's Day, Please make a gift for me when I return from my walk. Sincerely Azura.
  • Condor: Caw, Caw, Caw! (X4) (Hey Nowi, how about we make a hand and footprint painting for Azura?)
  • Nowi: Yes I would love to.