Nowi is a female Manakete that appears in Fire Emblem Awakening whereas, she is a good user and the child of Dark Magician Girl. Later on, she is a friend for Sheeta (Castle In The Sky), she has the power from Flame Mammoth.

  • Nowi (FE13 Artwork)

    Nowi in her human form (When at the Lakeside)

  • Nowi (Comedy World)

    Nowi in her human form (When not at the Lakeside)

  • Image

    Nowi's true form

  • ZF - King Ghidorah

    Nowi's Dragon form

Voice: Ivy (Human form), Princess (True form), Scary Voice (Dragon form)

Likes: Making footprints out of acrylic paint on a big piece of paper with her Pokèmon

Dislikes: Charlie and Lola

Favorite toenail color: Yellow, Green, and Purple

Diet: Ratbirds

Pokemon she has:Edit

  • Luxray (Male) - Nickname: Alex
  • Donphan (Male) - Nickname: Horton
  • Kecleon (Male) - Nickname: Rango
  • Archeops (Male) - Nickname: Blu
  • Milotic (Female) - Nickname: Master Viper
  • Delibird (Male) - Nickname: Kowalski


Jump Press - Nowi can jump surprisingly high for a robot of her weight class and she makes the ground shake when she lands, knocking nearby enemies off-balance.

Fire Wave - A powerful flamethrower inside her mouth. Mega Man X can copy this weapon, but shoots a continuous wave of flame rather than a fireball. This weapon cannot be used underwater.

Oil Slick - Nowi releases globs of oil from her nostrils which she can then ignite with her Fire Wave.