Nowi is a female Manakete that appears in Fire Emblem Awakening whereas, she is a good user and the child of Dark Magician Girl. Later on, she is a friend for Coraline Jones, she has the power from Flame Mammoth.

Nowi (FE13 Artwork)

Nowi in her human form (When at the Lakeside)

Nowi (Comedy World)

Nowi in her human form (When not at the Lakeside)

  • Image

    Nowi's true form

  • ZF - King Ghidorah

    Nowi's Dragon form

Voice: Ivy (Human form), Princess (True form), Scary Voice (Dragon form)

Likes: Making footprints out of acrylic paint on a big piece of paper with her Pokèmon

Dislikes: Charlie and Lola

Favorite toenail color: Emerald Green and Indigo

Pokemon she has:Edit

  • Luxray (Male) - Nickname: Alex
  • Donphan (Male) - Nickname: Horton
  • Dodrio (Male) - Nickname: Condor
  • Kecleon (Male) - Nickname: Rango
  • Archeops (Male) - Nickname: Blu
  • Milotic (Female) - Nickname: Master Viper
  • Delibird (Male) - Nickname: Kowalski


Jump Press - Nowi can jump surprisingly high for a robot of her weight class and she makes the ground shake when she lands, knocking nearby enemies off-balance.

Fire Wave - A powerful flamethrower inside her mouth. Mega Man X can copy this weapon, but shoots a continuous wave of flame rather than a fireball. This weapon cannot be used underwater.

Oil Slick - Nowi releases globs of oil from her nostrils which she can then ignite with her Fire Wave.

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