(Kimberly is observing her Pez dispenser collection)

Brian: What do you have there, Kim?

Kimberly: Some of my Pez dispenser collection.

Brian: I didn't know you collected Pez dispensers.

Kimberly: Oh, yeah. It's great trying to collect the best ones?

Brian: What do you look for?

Kimberly: The ones with the most "Pezness".

Brian: "Pezness?" What's that?

Kimberly: Proper head-to-body ratio, color, and most of all, rarity.

Brian: And which ones have all that?

Kimberly: Pezness? Gosh, well, my Yoda, the Tin Man, my Bill Shatner, but the best of the best is the one of Margaret Cho, a stand-up comedian. Almost no one has it.

Brian: That one's good?

Kimberly: Good? There's no Pezness like Cho Pezness!

(David realizes that Kimberly has just made a pun)

David: Hey, wait a minute...

(Scene switches to David showing Kimberly and Brian a giant Pez dispenser with PC Guy crammed in)

David: I made it using his actual head.