Murray's dad-Diesel


Wormy-Scary Voice



Murray was asked to babysit his sister Lindsay. Later, as Murray and Lindsay were watching Barney, Wormy comes in and tries to scare Lindsay but Murray calls the police just in time. The cops arrest Wormy and Murray is then ungrounded.


Murray's dad: Murray, can I trust you to babysit your sister, Lindsay?

Murray: Okay.

(Dad leaves)

Murray: Let's have fun.

Lindsay: Yeah! Fun fun fun!

(Lindsay runs and nearly destroys the living room)

Murray; Oh no. She's acting crazy.

Lindsay: Let's watch Barney and Friends.

Murray: Okay. I love the episode where they talk about their jobs like our father.

Lindsay: You mean where Kathy has her teddy bear?

Murray: Yes, when Kathy sings, "Me and My Teddy."

Wormy: I'm going to scare a child. Come on! Open the door!

Murray: No! I will not open the door! (to Lindsay) Go into the kitchen and don't come out after I call the cops.

Cop: Who's this?

Murray: It's Murray Benjamin Robinson! I'm calling you to say that a stranger is trying to scare my sister! Come quick right now!

Wormy: Open the door!

Cop: You are under arrest for trying to scare a child!

Wormy: I don't want to go to jail.

Cop: Too bad!

Murray: That was a close one. I will call my dad.

Murray's dad: What is it?

Murray: We were watching Barney and Friends until a stranger was trying to scare my sister. I got him arrested.

Murray's dad: That's good. I will be back in 20 minutes.

Murray: Lindsay, come back. I just called the cops on someone who was trying to scare you. 

Lindsay: I really hated the episode of Wormy from Spongebob.

Murray: Same here. I hated the close up of Wormy, which showed a horsefly's head. Anyway, your favorite part is coming up.

Lindsay: I hope it's about Kathy and her teddy bear.

Murray: Same here.

(Me and My Teddy plays)

Lindsay: I have to leave him alone by himself all alone.

Murray: But he doesn't mind and that's cool, that's cool!