[December 19, 2014. It has been 11 months since Burrito and Ally were permanently exiled and forever banished to North Korea for the child abuse related murder of 5 year old Kai-lan Chow which led to the Los Angeles Riots of 2014 that are even worser than the Los Angeles Riots of 1992.]

[We zoom into Kai-lan's hometown on Hunan GreatDreams Street. It is a peaceful morning. It's 6:00 A.M. We see a 16 year old blue rabbit named Lantu. She is in bed sleeping peacefully with her Pokemon plushes. We see Lantu's three brothers Jinhai, age 4, Yuanjun, age 8, and Donghai, age 12 sleeping in their bed. We then see Lantu's parents, age 40 in bed sleeping. We then see Lantu's 20 year old sister, Jiaying sleeping with her brave, heroic, kind, intelligent, well-educated, peaceful, and friendly husband, Shanyuan, age 20. Shanyuan is Lantu's big brother-in-law.]

Jiaying: (wakes up as she starts feeling a sharp pain in her stomach) "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! My water broke!"

Lantu: (entering her sister's room) "What's the matter, big sis?"

Jiaying: "My water just broke. My baby is going to be ready soon!"

Shanyuan: "Not to worry! We will all go to the GoCity Hospital."

Lantu: "Don't worry, sis. Everything will be okay. We will head to the hosptial"

[Cut to: At the GoCity Hospital, Lantu's 20 year old sister is lying in the hospital bed while her family and Hongmao, Sally, Tubby, Bumpy, Jumpy, Pugsy, and Captain Tiger, are standing near her]

Dr. Chang: "The doctor is now here."

Shanyuan: "Hey! You sound like Warren Cook's father!"

Jinhai: "Mommy, wasn't that my line when Burrito and Ally uploaded many of Pedro and Edro's videos and gave Kai-lan seizures on November 2013?"

Jiaying: "It's just a fact."

Lantu: "Is my sister going to be OK?"

Hongmao: "Yeah! Will she be alright?"

Dr. Chang: "Yes she will. All she needs to do is push...push...and push!" (The baby girl pops out. We see a light blue rabbit) "Congratulations! It's a girl! What would you like to name her?"

Jiaying: "How about Kai-lan."

Dr. Chang: "Great choice!"

Lantu: "Wow! Keep that name coming, sis! She is a good and kind girl!"

Jiaying: "That's right, little sis. You are now an aunt, even though you're too young."

Lantu: "I'm now a greatest aunt in the world."

[Hongmao, Lantu, Tubby and Sally glance at Lantu's niece]

Lantu: "Hi, Kai-lan. It's me, your aunt Lantu."

Hongmao: "Wow, she's so adorable!"

Lantu: "I can't resist from looking at my baby niece's cute face."

Tubby: "Me neither."

Sally: "I agree."

[Moe and Joe appear]

Moe: "Ummm. I think this baby is so..

Joe: "So pathetic and very stupid!"

[Lantu's baby niece begins to cry as Hongmao and his friends look at Moe and Joe angrilly]

Lantu: "Moe and Joe, I can't believe you two called my baby niece stupid!"

Shanyuan: "That's it, we're calling your Dad and Mom! Both of you go home right now while we call your Dad and Mom!"

Dad: (in Scary Voice while the background is black with fire surrounding him) MOE AND JOE! (x6) BOTH OF YOU, GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!!"

Dad: "Well, did you both call Lantu's baby niece stupid?"

Moe: "Yes."

Mom: "You both are grounded, grounded, grounded for 14 weeks. We'll send you both to the audience."

[Moe and Joe get sent upwards, crying in Ivy voice]

[After Moe and Joe are gone]

Jiaying: "Don't cry, my poor baby my sister will get you a bottle."

[Lantu with a bottle in her hand, feeds Kai-lan with milk]

Jiaying: "Thanks for calming your baby niece down."

[Meanwhile, Moe and Joe are sitting in the audience]

Moe: "Man! We hate this place! It's too crowded!"

Joe: "Wait, what's happening?"

[The audience flies away with Moe and Joe]

Moe and Joe: "(in Shy Girl voice) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"

[We hear people laughing while the two are carried away by the audience]

[Cut to: George Washington and appears mad and accompanied by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Thomas Jefferson and Robert F. Kennedy. (who also appear mad) while the screen is red]

George Washington: "Come back here audience! That's it!

John F. Kennedy: You are grounded grounded grounded grounded for a year!"