Moe and Joe's mom and dad need get their old looks and voices back because they changed their mind and Ratso Catso called their looks stupid. They also look too much like YankieDude5000 and Sarah West


  • Brian as Moe and Joe's Dad's New Voice
  • Diesel as Moe and Joe's Dad's Old Voice
  • Salli as Moe and Joe's Mom's New Voice
  • Kate as Moe and Joe's Mom's Old Voice


Moe and Joe's Dad: Doctor, we want our old looks back, because we changed our minds and Ratso Catso called us stupid. Also, we look too much like YankieDude5000 and Sarah West.

Doctor: OK, now let's use this acid to put you two to sleep.

[The doctor puts the acid on Moe and Joe's parents]

Doctor: Now, take deep breaths and then I can start your operation once you are asleep.

Moe and Joe's Mom: Okay.

[Moe and Joe's Mom and Dad take deep breathes and then fall asleep. The doctor removes the acid]

Doctor: Now it's time to start the operation.

[A few hours later]

Moe and Joe's Mom: (in Kate's voice) Thank you for changing our old looks and voices back.

Doctor: You're welcome

[The doctor walks away]

Moe and Joe's Dad: (in Diesel's voice) Honey, let's go home now.

[Moe and Joe's mom and dad walk away]

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