Moe and Joe's mom and dad need plastic surgery because they didn't get their looks and voices changed.


  • Diesel as Moe and Joe's Dad's Old Voice
  • Brian as Moe and Joe's Dad's New Voice
  • Kate as Moe and Joe's Mom's Old Voice
  • Salli as Moe and Joe's Mom's New Voice
  • Evil Genius as Ratso Catso
  • Julie as herself


Moe and Joe's Dad: We're going to get plastic surgery because we are tired of our old looks.

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Moe and Joe's Mom: Oh, you look like Parappa the Rapper.

Doctor: I know, that's very interesting, but now it's time to get started

Moe and Joe's Dad: Moe and Joe, that means you two have to get out of this room and go to the waiting room

[Moe and Joe walk away]

Doctor: They seem pretty gone to me. Let's get you two ready to relax. The nurse is coming in 5 minutes to put you asleep. And then, I will start your operation

[5 minutes later]

[The nurse walks in. She puts acid on Moe and Joe's parents]

Nurse: This acid will put you two to sleep in 1 minute. Take deep breaths, and once you are asleep, your operation will start.

Moe and Joe's Mom: OK, nurse.

[The nurse walks away]

[Moe and Joe's parents take deep breaths and then fall asleep. The doctor removes the acid]

Doctor: Now that they are asleep, I can finally start the operation.


[We see Moe and Joe in the waiting room. The doctor walks in]

Doctor: Your parents operations are finished. You can go back in and take a look.


Moe and Joe's Dad:

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