Launch Octopus as he appears in Goanimate and Megaman X

Military General of the Deep

Launch Octopus (Launcher Octopuld)

Height: 238 cm (7.81 ft, mistakenly shown as 7.80 ft in-game)

Weight: 182 kg (401 lbs, mistakenly shown as 348 lbs in-game)

Attacks: Homing Torpedo (sic), E. Drain (Energy Drain)


Homing Torpedo - Pirahna-shaped projectiles launched from his tentacles that actively seek out targets. X can copy this weapon, but can only fire one torpedo a shot whereas Launch Octopus can fire four simultaneously.

Spread Torpedo - The projectiles fired from Octopuld's shoulders are fired in a spread pattern and do not home in on enemies.

Marine Tornado - Launch Octopus surrounds himself in a vortex that sucks in his opponents.

Energy Drain - After trapping an opponent within the Marine Tornado, Launch Octopus can siphon their energy with his tentacles.

Voice: Diesel

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