Felix-David/Evil Genius/Zack






This is the sequel to the grounded video where Lisa and Miley try to marry Kent and Felix.


Kent: Rob, how's life?

Rob: It's the best.

Felix: How's life?

Alex: It's the best.

Kent: Do you remember how we stopped Lisa and Miley?

Felix: Yes I do, although I almost look like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Lisa (offscreen): Did I just hear that you're talking about us?

Miley (offscreen): You're gonna get it!

Kent: Oh no!

Felix: It's Lisa and Miley again!

Lisa: I wanted to marry you Kent!

Miley: And I wanted to marry you Felix!

Kent: What are you talking about?

Felix: Are you back for revenge?

Lisa: Yes we're back for revenge!

Miley: Thanks to you two, you called our parents and now we got grounded for 1 day!

Kent: I told you we can't marry you! We already have girlfriends! That's it! I'm going to beat you two up!


(Lisa and Miley are on the ground crying)

Kent: This is what you get for trying to marry us again!

Felix: No more trying to marry us! Never!