Ka-Chung is the main character from the DHX Media TV series The Save-Ums. He first appears in Burrito calls Azura's children stupid and gets grounded. He is a good user and the child of Azura.

Ka Chung

Ka Chung.

Ka-Chung (The Save-Ums)

How he appears.


  • Gender: Male
  • Voice: Princess (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Amy (LunatheMagicalGirl and Elephant012's versions)
  • Angry Voice: Joey (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Kidaroo (LunatheMagicalGirl and Elephant012's versions)
  • Sad Voice: Tween Girl (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Millie (LunatheMagicalGirl and Elephant012's versions)
  • Singing Voice: Kagamine Len (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Meiko (LunatheMagicalGirl and Elephant012's versions)
  • Likes: Helping wounded birds, wiggling loose tooth with tongue, elevators
  • Dislikes: COC* A EGG U R, SallyJones1998 making grounded and dead meat videos out of him, porn movies and shows, Playboy magazines, M-rated games, AO-rated games, NC-17 movies, R-rated movies, TV-MA TV shows and stuff for adults
  • Evil Counterpart: Evil Ka-Chung
  • Favorite Color: Dark Red (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Brown (LunatheMagicalGirl and Elephant012's versions)
  • Favorite Music: 1990s country music (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Children and gospel music (LunatheMagicalGirl and Elephant012's versions)
  • Personality: Funny, caring, physical
  • Love Interest: Tasha

M.U.G.E.N and Super Smash Flash 2Edit

Ka-Chung is a playable newcomer character in M.U.G.E.N and SSF2. His sprite design is based on his Save-Ums appearance, and his voice clips are taken from the children's animated series The Save-Ums.


  • Life:
  • Power:
  • Attack:
  • Defense:


  • Neutral attack - Chainsaw
  • Side Neutral -
  • Up Neutral -
  • Down Neutral -
  • Final Smash - Ka-Drill


Ka-Chung (along with the other Save-Ums) makes a return in MMD as a PMD model. He can be downloaded via direct link, and he is made by Elephant012. He also comes with the Ka-Drill. Ka-Chung is the copyright of Dan Clark and Don Asher as is the Emmy Award winning preschool adventure The Save-Ums.

Character informationEdit

  • Chara: Ka-Chung
  • Model: Unknown
  • Version: Unknown
  • Author: Elephant012

Technical informationEdit

  • File: .pmd
  • Location: Direct link, MediaFire, Google Drive
  • Password: None
  • Credits: Dan Clark, Don Asher

Further informationEdit

  • Editable: Yes
  • Distributable edit: No
  • Displayed: YouTube


Coming Soon (please edit, Elephant012)


  • He is well known to shout his name as his catchphrase.
  • Ka-Chung's vehicle is the Ka-Drill.
  • Ka-Chung's source (taken from the episode Scary Things Don't Blink) is used for YTPMVs.
  • His name in Japanese is カチャン.
  • In the French dub, his name is changed to Aikido.
  • When Ka-Chung is furious, he does a 2002-2003 Godzilla roar.
  • Ka-Chung is one of the chainsaw attackers.


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