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September 20, 2014. Jimmy De Santa is so annoyed because Sakurako Koinuma won't let him see Guardians Of The Galaxy, so he decides to get his revenge on her by swearing at her, throwing water balloons at her and kill people, making her cry a massive tsunami of tears. Will Senichi Tanaka calm down Sakurako Koinuma and stop Jimmy De Santa once and for all?


  • Joey as Jimmy De Santa and Tiger the Cat
  • Emma as Sakurako Koinuma, Kikko Hayashida, Ramurin Makiba and Nyakkii Momoyama
  • Kimberly as Senichi Tanaka, Akio Toriyama, Takeshi Ishida, Mitsuo Kawashima, Kento Koshiba, Kirinta Kusano, Monta Kimura and Princess Daisy
  • Shy Girl as Mimirin Midorihara, Fievel Mousekewitz and Marurin Sasaki
  • Ivy as Shimajirō Shimano
  • Brian as Torippii Sorano, Mario and YankieDude5000
  • Steven as Michael De Santa, Toadbert and Luigi
  • Alisson as Amanda De Santa
  • Julie as Tracy De Santa and Toadette
  • Tween Girl as Toad
  • Professor as Wario
  • Kidaroo as Yoshi and Toni Toponi
  • Princess as Tanya Mousekewitz & Princess Peach


Part 1: Jimmy De Santa Mistreats Sakurako KoinumaEdit

Jimmy De Santa: Man, I am really getting furious. I can't believe Sakurako Koimuma and Senichi Tanaka won't let me see Guardians Of The Galaxy at the GoAnimate Omega Cinemas. There has to be some way to get revenge on her. I know, I will mistreat Sakurako Koinuma by swearing at her, throwing water balloons at her and bomb and kill people to make her cry a massive tsunami of tears! Ha! (X25)

[Jimmy De Santa soon took out a bazook and began firing highly explosive rockets at cars and buildings, destroying 100 cars, vans, jeeps, motorcycles and trucks on the roads and blew up over 280 buildings, killing over 1 million people, and it caused Sakurako Koinuma to bawl like a big crybaby]

Mimirin: Sakurako Koinuma, why are you crying?

[However, Sakurako Koinuma began bawling extremely mega harder, creating a massive and gigantic tsunami of tears and it caused lots of people to run and panic.]

Senichi Tanaka: Sakurako Koinuma, it is me, Senichi Tanaka!! I knew it was Jimmy De Santa who mistreated you! Do not worry, I will give you a hug and a kiss to stop your crying and you will feel better again!!"

[Senichi Tanaka gave Sakurako Koinuma a hug and a comforting kiss, stopping her crying once and for all, saving all of GoAnimate City from being flooded with her tears.]

Part 2: Teach Jimmy De Santa A Painful LessonEdit

Wario: I'm Wario! I heard you abused Sakurako Koinuma and made her cry for no reason! You'll be forced to play all Wario games until you win, or else I will barge at you!

Tiger the Cat: I am Tiger the Cat from An American Tail. You'll be stretched for 5 months. You will stretch for abusing Sakurako Koinuma and making her cry a massive tsunami of tears for no reason!

[Jimmy De Santa is soon stretched]

Jimmy De Santa: No! (X28)

Wario: There, now you have been stretched a bit. You won't be unstretched for massive punishment. Now Shimajirō Shimano, Mimirin Midorihara and Senichi Tanaka will give you final punishments.

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