Born: Edit

March 6 2003

Age: Edit


Voice: Edit

Eric, Evil Genius, Joey

Likes: Edit Edit

Nick Jr, GoAnimate, Youtube, Peppa Pig, Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom, Humf, Rugrats, Curious George, Disney Junior, CBeebies

Dislikes: Edit Edit

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Teen Shows, Bad Users, New Nickelodeon, Steven Universe, BFDI, Wonder over Yonder, Pepper Ann, Timothy goes to School, Peep and the Big Wide World, MAD, Ben 10, Generator Rex, DirtGirl World, Action Shows, PBS Kids, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time(Neutral), Uncle Grandpa, Parental Controls

Allies: Edit Edit

Moose a Moose, Feetface, Face, Zee, Computertech61, roymartins, AsherComedian2001, OptimusPrimeYes MegatronNo, My Little Pony Friend, George Pig, Humf, Apollo, Squacky, Peppa Pig, Ben Elf, Princess Holly, Curious George, Wallace, Loon, Josh0108, Calebcomedian, The Autobots, Princess Matilda, Fluttergirl, JesusLoves2014, MrBobTomato, Guyisbackable, Jacob Harvey, Micanimate, The Mane 6(A Bit), Zechcomedian, Zander Gardner, The GoAnimate Channel, Slim Wario, Alex Kimble, RZM and HexxPlague, ChrisandZane, Pip2010, WigglesWorld, KeybirdComedianVEVO, ThomasTheBlueWiggle, Blue91233, RedStorm20025, WigglesFan10, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants

Enemies: Edit Edit

Bad Users, Memy9909, Warren Cook, BobbyisPoopy, AnneTabby436(A Bit), Syoboncomedian(A Bit), JimJimzOrizon, greeguy rocks, WIGGLES MASTER, TommyisGoofy, supernick38, MiketheKnightRocks666, Mooseamas, PostmanPatPie, Carrie, LeapComedian1992, SUPERVIOLET, CarsonsFanClub, DrewandMario, Dora Rocks, Boots Rocks, Anabelle Reece, Erika, Zara, VegaDark, Barney, Dora, Caillou, Lunar Jim, Rolie Polie Olie, The Shiny Show Cast, The Star hill Ponies, The Storymakers, Peppa Pig(A Bit), Theadore Tugboat, Todd from Toddworld, The Cast of Peep and the Big Wide World, The CBeebies Presenters, Timothy from Timothy goes to School, The Mane 6, DirtGirl, Topsy and Tim, Luke Gartrell, The Fraggles, The Wiggles, The Hooley Dooleys, Justin Flecher, Mr Tumble, Mike The Knight, Thomas The Tank, Strawberry Shortcake, EmmaBooCreator, Grounded People, Sid the Science Kid, Team Umizoomi, The Bubble Guppies, the lego movie stinks, The Decepticons, G Puccio, TheBarney1999, Krzystofparzych, Gabriel, Kayla, Boots, Grandpa in My Pocket, Harry Partridge, Katelyn1983(Neutral), Christopher Porter, GoGoGo, Pingu, Random Caillou Movies, Tommy and Tallulah, Steve and Blue, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Little Bill, Theory T, BattertyMill, Lily from Lilys Driftwood Bay, Sarah and Duck, Abney and Teal, Wolly and Tig, Hannah Montana, iCarly, Other Teen Show People, Cherry(A Bit), Hi5, The Numberjacks, david is a good boy, The Alphablocks