Kendra: Hey, guys, can you all take a break from what you're doing to watch my new dog, Ike, do some tricks?

Brian: Gee, Kendra, I'm sort of reading this book on Julius Caesar right now.

Kendra: It'll be great. He knows how to aim his little paw at something, he can saw through ice, and he can jump on Kurt's head.

Brian: Really?

Kendra: Yeah, watch. Eric, you tell him to aim. Brian, you point out the ice and yell "saw", and Steven, you tell him to jump on Kurt's head. Ready? Go!

Eric: Ike, aim!

(Ike aims his paw)

Brian: Ice! Saw!

(Ike saws the ice)

Steven: Ike, on Kurt!

(Ike jumps on Kurt's head)

(Steven then realizes that he and his friends just made a Julius Caesar pun)

Steven: Hey, wait a minute...

(The scene switches to Steven holding a shovel and aiming it at PC Guy)

Steven: I come to bury the pun-making dork, not to praise him.