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Mulan II - $2.00

Transcript Edit

Hongmao: We're gonna get Mulan II on DVD

Lantu: It's because Shimajirō and his friends love that movie.

(cut to the Video Store)

Store Clerk: Welcome to the Video Store, what would you like to buy?

Hongmao: Can we get Mulan/Mulan II 15th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray Please?

Store Clerk: Yes, that will be $2.00

Lantu: Okay

[cut to: Hongmao and Lantu's house]

Jumpy: Hey, I heard you got Mulan II on DVD.

Hongmao: See you later, Jumpy.

Jumpy: Bye

Dreamy's Dad: Hey, Hongmao and Lantu, Dreamy just got Delta State on DVD, come with me.

Lantu: Okay

[Hongmao and Lantu follow Dreamy's dad to Dreamy's House]

Dreamy's Dad: Dreamy, How dare you get Delta State on DVD, That's it you're grounded for a week, you are forced to watch baby shows.

Dreamy: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Dreamy's Dad: That means no MAD, No Soul Eater, No Adult Swim, No Delta State & No Clone High.

Dreamy's Mom: Now we will turn on The Lion Guard on Disney Junior.

Dreamy's Dad: You guys are ungrounded, so you can go home.

Hongmao: Okay

[cut to: Hongmao & Lantu's House]

Jumpy: I'm back with Kai-Lan.

Kai-Lan: I'm back.

Lantu: we really missed you.

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