Transcript Edit

Kai-lan: Warren and Ally showed me a scary movie!

Hongmao: What?! They're so gonna get it! Thanks for telling me and my friends this.

(Hongmao and Lantu soon hug Kai-lan to stop her shivering as Hongmao began purring to soothe her)

Alan: Warren! I can't believe you and Ally scared Kai-lan with a scary movie to make Kai-lan surrender Mulan on Blu-ray to you!

Hongmao: It is me, Hongmao.


  • Hongmao means "Red Cat" in Chinese.
  • A cat's purr begins in its brain. A repetitive neural oscillator sends messages to the laryngeal muscles, causing them to twitch at a rate of 25 to 150 vibrations per second. This causes the vocal cords to separate when the cat inhales and exhales, producing a purr. But not all cats can purr.
  • Hongmao can purr very loudly when hugging or sometimes when asleep.

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