Tubby: "So...what shall we do today?"

Jumpy: "I heard that today is the Disney Film Festival."

Oblina: yes, Disney film festival, how exciting,

Lantu: "You're right. Let's go."

Alan: "Warren! I can't believe you watched Bambi! Bambi's a Disney movie! You were supposed to watch An American Tail! But you do not know anything about Octonauts on Disney Junior for you! When we get home! I'll change it from Octonauts on Disney Junior to rocko's modern life on nicktoons and I will call the cops to execute you!"

Warren: (running away while his father chases him) "No! (x2) Waagh!"

Edwina Smith: "Kate Smith, we can't believe you watched Madagascar! You are banned from watching computer animated Dreamworks movies! You were supposed to watch The Lion King! You do not know anything about Madagascar Trilogy on DVD for you! When we get home, when I turn on the TV! I will change it from Family Guy on Adult Swim to As Told By Ginger on UPN."

Lucy Smith: "Yeah! You will watch as told by ginger for the rest of your natural born life!"

Kate Smith: (running away while her mother and sister both chase her, in Darth Vader's voice) "Noo!"

Horace N. Buggy: "Andy Panda! I can't believe you watched Shark Tale! I will tell all cinemas and movie theaters to remove computer animated Dreamworks movies. You were supposed to watch Toy Story 2 but you did not know about Ice Age Trilogy on DVD for you so when we get home, I'll change it from Family Guy on Adult Swim to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS Kids."

Andy Panda: (in Spike's voice) "No!"

Drew Pickles: Angelica pickles, we can't believe you watched the Spongebob Squarepants movie, you're supposed to watch an american tail, but you did not know about The Adventures of Prince Achmed on TCM so when we get home, I'll change the TV from Ren and Stimpy on KNBC to The Sentinel on Showtime, and you'll receive punishments by Henry and June from Kablam!

Angelica pickles: (in XJ9's voice) no!

Manager: "Hello. What movie what you like to see?

Oblina: "Can we watch Inside Out."

Alice: "Hi! I'm Alice, and this is Ally! And today, me, Ally, Moe, Joe and Dark Bowser are going to put on 26. Oktober 2012!"

Shimajiro: No! (x3)

Hana: No! (x3) "Please don't!"

Mimirin: No! (x3) "Don't put on 26. Oktober 2012!"

Torippi: "No! (x3)

Nyakkii: "No! (x3) "I hate that violent movie!"

Oblina: noooo, don't do that, I hate 26. Oktober 2012!

[It was too late, Alice and Ally putted on Final Destination 5 and it made Hongmao and Lantu very angry. It also made Shimajiro and his little sister, Hana cry along with Mimirin Midorihara, Torippii Sorano, Ramurin Makiba, Nyakki Momoyama, Zōta Ikeno, Kanta Kabayama, Monta Kimura, Kirinta Kusano, Sakurako Koinuma, Kento Koshiba, Marurin Sasako, Būta Tonda, Kikko Hayashida, Taro, Gonta, Nyamie and even angered Goku and the Z Fighters, including Mario and his pals. Sonic the Hedgehog, Bugs Bunny, Ness, Link, Zelda, Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, May, Dawn, Max, Alex Kimble, YankieDude5000, Sarah West, Slippy V, Sailor Moon, Kimba, Young Tantor, Ezlo, Chomper, along with Amanda Hughes, Alexandria Heaton, and the rest of 26. Oktober 2012 cast and Kitty in the process.]

Shimajiro: "Wah!"

Hana: "Wah!"

Mimirin: "Wah!"

Torippii: "Wah!"

Ramurin: "Wah!"

Nyakki: "Wah!"

Harry the Bunny: "Wah!"

Fievel: "Wah!"

Tanya: "Wah!"

Toni Toponi: "Wah!"

Timothy Brisby: "Wah!"

Jenny McBride: "Wah!"

Patty Rabbit: "Wah!"

Bobby Bear: "Wah!"'

Roobear Koala: "Wah!"

Oblina: wah!

(the phone rings)

Sophie the Otter: Hello, is this Dark Bowser's dad?

(after the issues are fixed)

Oblina: phew, I'm so happy that a Disney movie is fixed

Chomper: "Yay, I can't wait to see Joy and her friends."

Shimajiro: Don't cry, Hana, Alice and Ally are gone.

Harry the Bunny: I Agree with Shimajiro, They will watch Disney movies after Dark Bowser gets punished!