• Jennifer as Evil Nyakkii Momoyama
  • Young Guy as Evil Nyakkii Momoyama's Dad
  • Karen as Evil Nyakkii Momoyama's Mom
  • Steven as GTA SA Police Officer
  • Kidaroo as Mufasa


  • Evil Nyakkii Momoyama: I'm going to see Ant-Man and the Wasp today.
  • (At the movies)
  • Evil Nyakkii Momoyama: Oh man! This is going to be an awesome movie!
  • (125 minutes later)
  • Evil Nyakkii Momoyama: That was an excellent movie.
  • Evil Nyakkii Momoyama: Oh shoot! It's the GTA Police!
  • GTA SA Police Officer: By the name of the GTA Police, you're busted young lady!!
  • (GTA: Vice City Busted logo appears over her)
  • Evil Nyakkii Momoyama's Dad:
  • Mufasa: prepare for some bleeding!