Young guy as Henry

Ivy as June

Dave as drew pickles

Kate as Charlotte pickles

Emma as angelica pickles

Alan as Alan cook

Catherine as Catherine cook

Brian as warren cook

Julie as TV announcer

Diesel as COC* A EGG U R

Princess as Azura

Henry: hi, we are your hosts, Henry

June: and June

Henry: hey, June shall we go to AMC theaters to see Rugrats go Wild?

June: yes, I would love to.

Cut to: the cinema

Alan cook: warren, we can't believe you watch the little mermaid at the cinema, the little mermaid is made by Disney, but you're suppose to watch shrek, but you did not know about the toy story of terror dvd for you

Catherine cook: when we get home, we will change it from cars 2 to postman pat movie!

Warren Cook: (Buzz Lightyear's no soundclip)

Box office manager manager: hey kablam hosts, welcome to AMC theaters, what movie would you like to see?

Henry: rugrats go wild, please.

Box office manager: ok.

Food manager: hey guys, what would you like to eat?

Henry: can June and I have a kids pack please?

Food manager: of course, enjoy!

Movie theater Manager: the film is about to start in 3 minutes, enjoy the show.

June: Henry, the movie is going to start!

Henry: that's right, June, I can't wait to see those little kids going wild!

June: me neither!

Henry: and when island princess song starts, you want to dance?

June: yes! We'll like that song

[COC* A EGG U R appears]

COC* A EGG U R: I'm going to change Rugrats Go Wild to Cheaters!

[COC* A EGG U R changes Rugrats Go Wild to Cheaters]

Azura: Hey! Who turned Rugrats Go Wild into Cheaters?

June: COC* A EGG U R did

COC* A EGG U R's dad: COC* A EGG U R, how dare you change to cheaters

Henry: someone change back to rugrats go wild!

June: the movie is fixed!

After the movie...

June: Henry, can we go to subway for lunch?

Henry: (in churchill's oh yes voice)

Cut to: subway

Angelica Pickles: no, I am not eating it!

Drew Pickles: angelica, you need to eat that right now!

Angelica: no!

Charlotte Pickles: angelica, how dare you throw your food away, that is it we're going home, and when we get home, you'll be forced to watch Disney Classics for the rest of your life!

June: come on Henry, let's go home.

Henry: yes.

TV announcer: coming up next is the wild thornberries only on nicktoonsters.

June and Henry: yes, the wild thornberries, our favourite show!