(Paul comes up to Mike's house and knocks on the door. Mike answers it)

Mike: Hey, Paul. Can I help you?

Paul: Yes, Mike. As you may have heard, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is leaning more than ever and in danger of collapsing.

Mike: So?

Paul: So some other activists and I want to get the government to spend money and save it.

Mike: How are you gonna do that?

Paul: We're gonna get a bunch of people to stand outside government buildings and chant "Pisa! Pisa! Pisa!"

Mike: So what are you saying? That you guys want me to do that, too?

Paul: All we are saying is give "Pisa" chants.

(Mike realizes that Paul just made a pun)

Mike: Uh, Eric? I'm gonna need you for a sec...

(Scene switches to Eric and David aiming baseball bats at Mac Guy's head)

David: Imagine there's no animator who makes stupid puns.

Eric: It's easy if you try.