James Ashwell: "Butler Ashwell! What have I said to you?! Right, that's it, I'm telling Kai-lan's parents on you!"

(Sometime Later)

Mrs. Chow: "So Phil, Sarah, Melissa and Christina Ashwell, how did Sakurako Koinuma and Ramurin Makiba's 5th birthday parties go?"

Phil: "It went all right. My two 18 year old daughters, Christina and Melissa happily played Wii Sports with Ramurin Makiba and Sakurako Koinuma.

Mrs. Chow: "That's good to hear, but my husband and I just want you four to know that Butler is ignoring us by going to his bedroom and watching Tom and Jerry and The Wizard of Oz."

Phil: "And he is riding away with Hillary after assaulting an officer after he and Gianna freed Luis "Baby" Ortiz and Warren Cook from prison!"

Sarah: "Hey! That's my car! Get back here Butler Ashwell, Hillary McKnight and Gianna, you naughty kids!"

(90 Minutes Later)

Mrs. Chow: "Gianna Johsnon spat at an officer, and his head was slammed into the wall, then she stabbed Prison guard Dale Heaton. Then she shot a SWAT officer through the door, injuring him!"

Phil: "Luis "Baby" Ortiz has escaped from a NY Prison!"

(Breaking News)

Larry King: "Good evening. Two girls and a boys have escaped from prison and there was a police chase that ended at the prison. After a white haired boy escaped and injured five officers, a massive manhunt is searching for Sebastian McKnight, who has white hair. He is located near Satolah School, about 27 miles Southeast of Walhalla. We now go to Catherine Scott. Catherine, can you hear me?"

Catherine Scott: "Yes I can! Gianna beat Jamie Plummer and Kyote Kinnear. Their bodies were found inside a wrecked plane after a plane crash in March 1947. Gianna, if you are watching this, you must get executed!"

Larry King: "And now back to the movie Inside Out!"

Emergency Phone Woman: "What emergency do you want for your service?"

Phil: "Police and military service please! Because my son, Butler just murdered Kai-lan's parents, Mr. And Mrs. Chow."

Emergency Phone Woman: "Okay then. We will send multiple LAPD, FBI and CIA cars to your location. Thank you."

Phil: "What did Butler do?"

Dad: "They told Ms. Inako to burn in hell. I heard he is grounded for superior tranquility!"

James Ashwell: "Butler, you have gone far enough. You will have home detention for causing trouble after getting banished from the USA after stabbing Kai-Lan!"

Butler: "Fuck you all!"

Phil: "How dare you tell us to fuck off?"

Gianna: "I forgot to tell you this!"

Dad: "What is it and what have you done?"

Gianna: "I killed forty people, including Officer James Carter during the 1992 Los Santos riots that led to a bank robbery!"

Sebastian: "I killed three officers during a prison escape after blowing up Satolah Prison!"

Dad: "Oh my god. Gianna, Sebastian and Butler! How dare you three let Luis "Baby" Ortiz, kill five people at a Satolah School?"

Mom: "Moe and Joe got ungrounded by Burrito, Alice and Ally!"

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