Voices Edit

Shy Girl as George

Young Guy as Tobias Pig

Steven as Heinrich Pig

David as Liopeouldrons


(George is in bed at Leopeouldrons' Condo Apartment)

George:Can I talk to Heinrich please?


George: Hello?

[cut to: Heinrich & Tobias Pig at the airport]

Tobias Pig:Hello, George.

George: Yes?

Heinrich Pig:We are going to China for Sid's repairings.

Tobias Pig: I still have the Peppapedia on the Go And those Metajets, Winx Club & Sunday Without God DVDs to Watch On our trip.

Heinrich Pig: So Good NIght see you 6 days later! Goodbye!

George: Goodbye!

Heinrich Pig: Okay, we're now going to the airport plane!

(Heinrich Pig & Tobias Pig Hang Up)

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