(Joey sees Harold and Warren standing in a lake, holding a bucket)

Joey: What are you two doing?

Harold: What does it look like, idiot face?

Joey: Let me're fishing.

Harold: That's right. You must be a genius.

Joey: You think the fish are just gonna jump into your bucket?

Harold: Oh, for the love of...Will you please shut your big fat mouth? Do you think we're so dumb that we think the fish are just gonna jump into this empty bucket? Get real. Show him, Warren.

(Warren pulls some dollar bills out of his pocket)

Warren: We're filling the bucket with money. We're gonna use the money as bait.

Joey: Of course.

Warren: Here, fishy, fishy! Get rich quick!

(Joey can't believe that Harold and Warren are dumb enough to use money as bait for the fish. He turns his back and walks away)