(Brian and Eric enter an art gallery)

Art Gallery Manager: Hello there. Can I help you?

Brian: Yes. I'm looking for a colorful painting for my bedroom.

Art Gallery Manager: I see. Well, there's this one here. It's called "The Ferret's Elf".

Brian: Oh, gee, no. Those colors are much too fair. I'm looking for something with darker, richer colors. Oh well, thanks anyways.

(Brian and Eric try to leave, but the manager stops them)

Art Gallery Manager: Wait, wait, wait. Don't leave. We have many paintings with darker hues. I assure you. This is the only one like this.

Brian: Really?

Art Gallery Manager: Yes. The only thing we have too fair is "Ferret's Elf".

(Eric realizes that the art gallery manager has made a pun. The scene switches to Eric aiming a baseball bat at Mac Guy's head)

Eric: Say your prayers, pun-making boy.