Favian Mendoza is really mad because Custard won't let him get Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox One, so he decides to touch his feet. As a result, Favian Mendoza gets grounded by his parents and beaten up by Jazzi the Blue Ranger for touching his boyfriend's feet while he was sleeping.


  • Joey as Favian Mendoza
  • Jennifer as Custard
  • Alan as Mr. Mendoza
  • Princess as Azura
  • Emma as Jazzi


  • (Melbourne, Australia, January 20th, 2018)
  • Favian Mendoza: Man, I can't believe Custard won't let me get Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox One. I know, I will touch his feet. Ha! (X30)
  • [Cut to: The Save-Um Central in western Melbourne. Custard is sleeping peacefully in his bed, having a nice nap and his feet are showing while they're peeking out from under the blankets.]
  • Favian Mendoza: Now this is my chance.
  • [Favian Mendoza starts touching Custard's feet. Favian Mendoza first begins to play This Little Piggie with Custard's toes.]
  • [Custard wakes up and becomes shocked to see that his feet are being touched by Favian Mendoza.]
  • Custard: Favian, stop touching my feet.
  • Favian Mendoza: No.
  • Mr. Mendoza: Favian Mendoza, how dare you touch Custard's feet? That's it! Time to let Jazzi the Blue Ranger to beat you up for touching his boyfriend's feet!
  • Jazzi: This is what you will get for touching my boyfriend Custard's feet! Now I'm going to slice your body! Prepare for some bleeding!

Sound effects usedEdit

  • Angry German Kid beating sound effects