After the babysitter incident, Favian Mendoza decides to get revenge on Mimirin Midohara by rubbing her chest. Due to this, he gets grounded by his parents and beaten up by Renge Midorihara after Shimajirō Shimano contacted them.


  • (February 23, 2018)
  • YankieDude5000:
  • yungdeez100:
  • Sarah West:
  • Blue912333:
  • Tom Sawyer:
  • Becky Thatcher:
  • Shimajirō Shimano: I'm Shimajirō Shimano. You'll be forced to watch all four of my shows and I strongly mean it!
  • Mimirin Midorihara: I'm Mimirin Midorihara. Shimajirō Shimano and I are so mad at you for rubbing my chest!
  • Nyakkii Momoyama: I'm Nyakkii Momoyama. You will forget all of your memories all about porn!
  • Mitsuo Kawashima: I'm Mitsuo Kawashima. Never come close to my girlfriend, Nyakkii ever again!
  • Kento Koshiba: I'm Kento Koshiba. No more rubbing girl's chests ever again!
  • Asako Kageyama: I'm Asako Kageyama. You won't remember anything which is porn!
  • Kirinta Kusano: I'm Kirinta Kusano.  I cannot believe you rubbed Mimirin Midorihara's chest when you weren't supposed to that!
  • atomi Hiroyuki: I'm Satomi Hiroyuki. Kirinta and I are so pissed off at you for rubbing Mimirin Midorihara's chest after she putted a diaper on you and grounded you!
  • Monta Kimura: I'm Monta Kimura. You know that rubbing Mimirin Midorihara's chest is against the law! It could get you arrested!
  • Yasuko Minamoto: I'm Yasuko Minamoto. all of you porn stuffs will be demolished and your pet box jellyfish will be killed once and for all!