Mrs Eris: Good morning, I am Mrs. Eris. And today, we are going to take a Geography Test.

Evil Flash Sentry: Mrs. Eris, can I use the bathroom for a while?

Mrs. Eris: Sure, but make it quick.

(When Evil Flash Sentry heads to the Boys' Bathroom)

Evil Flash Sentry: Yuck, the boys' bathroom is a mess because there is a lot of poop and toilet paper around the cubicle. I am not using it! But instead, I am going to use the girls' bathroom.

(Later when he heads to the Girls' Bathroom)

Evil Flash Sentry: Now, the girls' bathroom is now clean and much better! I can do whenever I want.

(When Rainbow Dash comes, she shocks)

Rainbow Dash: Oh my god! Evil Flash Sentry, what are you doing in the girls' bathroom! Right, that's it! I am telling the principal on you!

Evil Flash Sentry: No! (x30)

(After Rainbow Dash tells Principal Celestia about Evil Flash Sentry using the Girls' Bathroom)

Principal Celestia: Evil Flash Sentry, how dare you use the girls' bathroom! You know that you are not supposed to use the girls' bathroom unless you are a girl.

Evil Flash Sentry: But, the boys bathroom is a mess.

Principal Celestia: I don't care! That's it! I am going to call your parents about what you did in the girls' bathroom!

Evil Flash Sentry: No! (x30)

Twilight Sparkle: Evil Flash Sentry, how dare you use the girls' bathroom! You thought that you are using the girls' bathroom unless you are a girl! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded grounded for 120 years! Go to your room and go to sleep and think about what you did just now!

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