Alex-Shy Girl


Erika's dad-Diesel

Erika's mom-Kimberly


Erika has free time at her school. Jake and Alex say bad things about Erika and Erika talks smack to Jake. Erika's teacher has a conference but in this case, Erika is found innocent since she stood up for herself.


Erika: Why am I here after school?

Teacher: Because you didn't have detention.

(in hallway)

Jake: Did you hear that Erika was a mean girl?

Erika: Hey! Shut up Stupid!

Jake: Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa!

Alex: How dare you talk smack to Jake?!?!?

Teacher; Erika, what is going on here?

Erika: I talked smack to Jake.

Teacher: Why?

Erika: Because  he and his friend Alex just called me a mean girl and making fun of others is not the right choice unless the joker is the one that's made fun of back. Can we talk about this more in the conference room to show I'm innocent?

Teacher: Okay. Plus, we'll bring your parents there as well.

(in conference room)

Principal:  So what's wrong Erika?

Erika: I was walking in the hallways when Jake said (voice turns to Emma) Did you hear Erika is a mean girl?

Principal: Jake, do you have an explanation for talking about this girl behind her back?

Jake: No, and neither does Alex.

Erika: The reason why I talked smack to Jake was only because I was standing up for myself. 

Principal: Diesel and Kimberly Dawson, do you agree that your daughter was only trying to stand up for herself?

Erika's dad: Yes.

Erika's mom: Yes.

Principal: If this is the case, Erika Samantha Dawson is hereby innocent. Jake and Alex, I believe you are suspended for 100 years for saying mean things about Erika behind her back. Conference closed.

(at home)

Erika's dad: Erika, thank you for talking smack to Jake. You know he was saying mean things about you so your choice of talking smack to him was the right choice.

Erika's mom: You are now ungrounded. You can play with your friends.


Although the victim talked smack in the video, the victim was ungrounded after being found innocent.