David (mentioned) Me-eric Plot Because Eric's parents are at work and his brother David is at school, his little sister Ivy is in charge of him. Eric does a salute on Barney and he gets ungrounded. Note that Ivy's voice is Salli and she is no longer in her Chibi Peepz form all because she cheated on someone's test at school.


Eric: Barney is the best show ever. My sister likes that. When I was little like her, I loved Kathy and her teddy bear. It was sung in the episode "When I Grow Up". This episode talks about the jobs my parents work as. Out of a scale from 1 to 10, I will have to rate it a 12 because it's the best show ever. End of salute.

Ivy: Eric, thank you for saluting on Barney. That was my favorite show. Since your parents are at work and your brother David is at school, you are now ungrounded. You can do anything you want.

Eric: Thanks Ivy. You are the best sister ever. Me. Eric you ungrounded for 1229292992929929299292929 years I hate barney I Respect your opinion on barney

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