Eric's dad-Brian

Eric's mom-Kate


Eric deserves it for getting expelled.


Derek: Time for school.

(At school)

Teacher: This was the tenth time you were late! Get a tardy slip!

(In office)

Principal: Derek, why are you here?

Derek: I was late for the tenth time.

Principal: That's it! Here's your tardy slip! 

Derek: Scratch this!

(Derek tears up his slip)

(In class)

Lianna: Derek, where is your tardy slip? 

Derek: I ripped it.

Lianna: I can't believe you destroyed your tardy slip! One more thing like that and you are suspended! Please stand for the pledge. 

Derek: Geronimo, errrrrrrrr! 

Teacher: That's it!  You are getting a red card,  Satur...

(Teacher is interrupted by Derek who threw a paper airplane at her [or him])

Teacher: Paper planes in class?  That's it!  Go to the principal's office now! 

(In office)

Principal: Derek, why are you here and why do you have a pair of scissors?

Derek: I was misbehaving and watch this!

(Derek cuts the phone cord)

Principal: Derek, I can't believe you cut the phone cord! Now how am I going to call the O'Connors to pick you up? That's it! You are going to the auditorium to make an apology speech so you will be humiliated! 

(In auditorium)

Principal: Attention all units,  Derek is going to make his speech. 

Derek: I am not sorry!  I hated this school!  It was stupid!  This school was motherfucking bad, even worse than an errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Everyone gasps) 

Principal: Derek, I can't believe you talked that way about school! That's it! Go home now! 

(At home)

Carroll: Derek, I can't believe you got expelled! 

Derek: I forgot to tell you. I made a bad speech when the principal told me to apologize. 

Nancy: Eric, how dare you make a bad speech! That's it, you are grounded for 12 weeks!

Kumi: Go to your room now or you'll be beaten up by the Babylon Rogues!

Derek: (running to his room) GERONIMO,