Dylan-Tween Girl


Dylan's dad-Diesel

Dylan's mom-Kate



Dylan gets rewarded for touching his girlfriend's legs.


Dylan: Hi, I'm Dylan. Before I send my girlfriend Emily over, I just want to tell you my voice will stay as Tween Girl for cheating off someone's test at school. Anyway, Emily come here.

Emily: What is it Dylan?

Dylan: Can I touch your legs?

Emily: Sure but how do you want it?

Dylan: Can you get into your bikini?

Emily: Okay.


Emily: Now I'm in my bikini.

(Dylan touches her legs)

Cathy: Dylan, how dare you touch your girlfriend's legs? That's it! I'm telling!

Dylan's dad: What's wrong Cathy?

Cathy: Dylan was touching his girlfriend's legs and it was innapropriate.

Dylan's dad: Cathy, you are grounded for getting Dylan in trouble!

Dylan's mom: The reason why he touched her legs was because he was in love with her! Go to your room now!

Cathy (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Dylan's dad: Dylan, I just grounded your sister. You are now ungrounded.

Dylan's mom: You can continue with Emily as long as you want to.

Emily: Now I'm in my bikini.