Dora Gets in Dead Meat is the Popular Dead meat Video
Dora gets in Dead Meat03:40

Dora gets in Dead Meat


Transcript Edit

Teacher: Good morning, class! Today is behavior card day. We will take this white card as an example

Dora: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It's just a dumb stupid piece of paper!

Teacher (angry): Dora, that is not funny! Anyways, let's go on the cards, If your card is gold, you'll graduate. If your card is purple, you'll have a year off. If your card is blue, you'll have a month off. If your card is green, you'll have a week off. If your card is yellow, you're in a little bit of trouble. Not a detention, just a talk after school. If your card is orange, you'll have detention for two and half hours. If your card is red, you'll have detention until school ends. No pay attention to this card. This is an ultra ultra ultra ultra evil one. If your card is black, you're in dead meat. Here are the cards.

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