• Dodrio is a large, wingless, three-headed avian Pokémon. Each head has a long, sharp beak and a black feathered, V-shaped crest. It has bristly brown feathers covering its heads and upper body, while its lower half has a smooth layer of black feathers. Its wingless body rests on two long and slender, but powerful legs with feet that have three toes in front and one in back. There are sharp claws on each toe. Males have black necks, whereas females have brown necks; both genders have brown legs.
  • Each head has its own working brain and distinct personality, representing and expressing sorrow, anger and joy respectively. Despite being separate, it has the innate ability to use all three of its brains to collect data, formulate and then execute complex plans and strategies. However, on occasion it may over think and analyze a situation, causing itself to be immobilized and unable to carry out any action whatsoever. Being separate individuals on the same body, the heads are well known to squabble with one another. Often they will continue to bicker until they, or at least one of the heads gets to eat. This satisfies the other two heads, quelling them and temporarily ending their infighting. Another adaption it has acquired is the ability to have at least one head alert at all times. While two are asleep, one will stand guard and look out for any approaching enemies. Extreme caution is advised when all three heads are facing separate directions. It is in this state that it is the most dangerous, and going near it may result in a severe pecking.
  • Along with its three heads, it has three sets of hearts and lungs as well. This allows it to efficiently oxygenate and pump blood throughout its body, thus giving it increased endurance to run vast distances without rest. It is especially prone to race vigorously across grassy plains, even in arid seasons with little rainfall.


Pokemon Cries - 085 Dodrio00:03

Pokemon Cries - 085 Dodrio

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