Mom: "Daryl and Darious, what is wrong with the two of you, you retarded idiots? Oh my god, you both got in dead meat and expelled from school permanently?! That's it, you two retards are grounded, grounded, grounded for 158,000 weeks. This means you naughty perverted boys will be sent to the Mental People's Home permanently."

Darious: "No! (12x)

Daryl: "We hate Mental People's Home!"

Darious: "We do not want to go to the Mental People's Home!"

Daryl: "Please don't send us to the Mental People's Home!"

Mom: "Too bad, we will send you two to the Mental People's Home anyway. Before that, I will throw the sent away party."

Dad: "I will take all of your electrics away and give to many poor families in Africa."

Tina: "I am here to collect Daryl and Darious! We will go inside and pack all of your Dragon Ball Z stuffs up and send to Hunan GreatDreams Street, Kodomo Challenge Street and BabyBus Street, Los Angeles."

Dad: (speaking in Lawrence voice) Tina, Hongmao, Lantu, Simba, Nala, Goku, Chi-Chi, Vegeta, Bulma, Lanmao, Roobear, Laura, Kimba, Kitty and your mom are going to pack your stuffs for you two. Before you naughty boys go to Mental People's Home, Shimajiro and Nyakkii will put nappies on you."

Daryl: "You better not let Shimajiro and Nyakkii put nappies on us! We're too old to wear nappies!"

Emily's Dad: "Sorry, Daryl and Darious. This is for getting in dead meat for the last time and getting expelled from school permanently."

Shimajiro: "It won't matter how old you two perverted boys are."

Nyakkii: "You both will still wear them no matter what. We will put a nappies on you two now."

[2 big censor blocks covers the action of Shimajiro and Nyakkii putting diapers on Daryl and Darious]

Daryl and Darious: (together) "No! (x21)"

Dad: "There. Now your nappies is on. You naughty boys will stay wearing nappies for the rest of the life."

Mom: "All of your stuffs are in the van. She will bring your stuffs to Hunan GreatDreams Street, Kodomo Challenge Street and BabyBus Street, Los Angeles. Go now, and don't come back!"

Tina: "Come with me, Daryl and Darious. You two boys will go to Madison, Wisconsin. These packages will go to Hunan GreatDreams Street, Kodomo Challenge Street and BabyBus Street, Los Angeles. Daryl and Darious if you both go to Hunan GreatDreams Street or Kodomo Challenge Street or BabyBus Street, both of you will get attacked and killed."

Daryl and Darious: (together) "Wah! (X20)"

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