Daniel tiger grounds sonic the hedgehog and gets grounded is a fan made video by abbykat1286

Cast Edit

Daniel tiger

Sonic the hedgehog

Shadow the hedgehog

Daniel tiger's dad

Daniel tiger's mom



The script Edit

Daniel tiger: Sonic the hedgehog,you are grounded for eternity. Go to your room right now!

(Sonic runs inside the house)

Daniel tiger: Hooray! I've grounded Sonic the hedgehog!

Sonic: Look,Shadow,Daniel tiger grounded me!

Shadow: Really? Daniel tiger! How dare you ground Sonic the hedgehog! He's now ungrounded! Thats it! I'm calling your mom right now!

Daniel tiger's dad: Daniel tiger,how dare you ground sonic the hedgehog! You know he didn't do anything wrong! That's it! You're grounded for a week! There will be no Burger king,KFC,Pepsi,Arby's or White castle for you.

Daniel tiger: Nooooooooooooo! Please don't take away buger king,Kfc,pepsi,Arby's amd White castle!

Daniel tiger's mom: You will not get anything for christmas,and you will not get anything for your birthday.

Abbykat1286: The only baby shows you will watch are Dora the explorer,Blues clues,Team umizoomi,Mickey mouse clubhouse,and others not made by Pbs kids.

Daniel tiger's mom: You will be watching other shows not made by pbs kids like Kirby right back at ya,Sonic x,Pokemon,and The adventures of Super Mario bros 3.

Herobrine: And Video games not made by Pbs kids like Super mario,Pokemon,Sonic the hedgehog,Kirby,Kid icarus uprising,Super smash bros, more!

Daniel tiger's dad: The only music you will listen to are Justin beiber,Rebecca black,Kesha,Demi lavato and others.

Daniel tiger's mom: You will eat Japanese food,South Korean food,Mexican food,fruits,and vegetables.

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