Custard and Ka-Chung kill Happy Tree Friends and both get ungrounded is a ungrounded video created by LunatheMagicalGirl. Credit to everyone except the HTF Lovers.


Custard and Ka-Chung kill the Happy Tree Friends because the rest of the Save-Ums hated that show, due to cartoon violence.


  • Princess as Jazzi and Sade the Hedgehog
  • Kayla as Noodle
  • Jennifer as Custard
  • Kendra as Ka-Chung
  • Ivy as Foo
  • Joey as Cuddles
  • Diesel as Mr. Herriman
  • Belle as Frankie Foster
  • Tween Girl as Monica
  • Alan as Stan Marsh
  • Kate as Sharon Marsh
  • Professor as Announcer

Transcript Edit

Custard: "Hey, Ka-Chung, let’s see on TV!"

Ka-Chung: "Great idea, Custard!"

Announcer: "And now, Happy Tree Friends, only on G4!"

Custard: "Oh my god!"

Ka-Chung: "What the--?!"

Cuddles: "Hi, I'm Cuddles, and here are my friends, Petunia, Giggles, Toothy, Disco Bear, Flaky, Flippy, Handy, Lammy, etc!"

Custard: "Man, I hate this show so much because it brings all the cartoon violence!"

Ka-Chung: "Me too! Hey, let’s kill the characters right now!"

Custard: "OK!"

[Custard and Ka-Chung leave the house]

Monica: "Get back here, Jimmy Five and Smudgy!"

[Custard and Ka-Chung enter Fatkat Animation Studios]

Sharon: "Stan, how dare you go to Fatkat Animation Studios when you’re supposed to be grounded, even the Backyardigans hated that show, due to cartoon violence, and you're too young enough to become a HTF fan! When we get home, today is punishment day and no more Land Before Time for you!"

Stan: "B-but I don’t want to be grounded! Please mom, I’m sorry!"

Sharon: "Apologies denied!"

Custard: "Man, what is that all about?"

Ka-Chung: "I have no idea, but anyways, continue with our mission!"

Custard: "This is where the Happy Tree Friends are near us at the door!"

Cuddles: "Hi, we're the Happy Tree Friends! Do you want to go playing with us?"

Ka-Chung: "No, we are going to kill you because your show sucks!"

Cuddles: "No, please don't kill us!"

Custard: "Too bad, it should go like this. We hate you, you hate us. Let’s kill the Happy Tree Friends together with a one-shot two-shot three-shot four! Won’t you say you hate us too?"

[Censored for your own safety and protection]

Ka-Chung: "Ka-Chung! The Happy Tree Friends are now dead!"

Custard: "Bam! I agree with you, Ka-Chung!"

Mr. Herriman: "Cuddles, what are you messing up with your friends while punished! Wait a minute! They're all dead! Save-Ums, thank you for saving from the evil Happy Tree Friends, because they suck. You win 1 thousand dollars for life!"

Frankie: "Now we can make peace without the Happy Tree Friends. Thank you, Custard and Ka-Chung, you saved the day!"

[Cut to Sade's room]

Sade: "I wonder if HTF is on?"

Announcer: "We interrupt your program to bring you that the Happy Tree Friends got killed by Custard and Ka-Chung, so HTF isn't coming up on G4. Let's skip to The Simpsons."

Sade: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Nooooooooooooo! Happy Tree Friends! Wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Jazzi: "What's wrong, Sade? Why are you crying?"

Sade: "The Happy Tree Friends are all dead."

[When Custard and Ka-Chung got home]

Jazzi: "Oh! It's you two! Custard and Ka-Chung, thank you for killing the Happy Tree Friends. Actually we hate this show because it now brings all the cartoon violence. You both are not grounded!"

Noodle: "You will play educational games whenever you like and go to Chuck E. Cheese’s later tonight for some pizza!"

Jazzi: "And guess who’s coming to see you!"

Ka-Chung: "Who it is!"

Noodle: "You don't remember her right? She likes preschool shows."

Custard: "Bam! Is it Andrea Wange?"

Jazzi: "Yes, and she is coming to have a gift for you!"

[Crowd applause]

Foo: "Custard and Ka-Chung, Foo heard that you’ve killed the Happy Tree Friends and to say thank you for killing them, because this show brings all the cartoon violence. So Foo is awarding you with five million dollars!"

Sade: "What? Did you kill the Happy Tree Friends?"

Custard: "Yes! Me and Ka-Chung did because it brings all the cartoon violence."

Sade: "What? How could you?! HTF is one of my favorite shows! Now you ruined my memories, you should be grounded for this!"

Jazzi: "Shut up, Sade. We, Save-Ums, hate HTF because it brings all the cartoon violence. That's it! You're grounded for becoming a HTF fan until the show gets cancelled!"

Noodle: "This means you'll have no tablet! Go to your room right now!"

Sade: "You pay for this, mommy and daddy!" [crying]

Jazzi: "Let’s celebrate HTF death for life!"

[Music plays]

[The End]