Custard is the main character from the DHX Media TV series The Save-Ums. He first appears in Burrito calls Azura's children stupid and gets grounded. He is a good user and the child of Azura.


Custard as he appears in The Save-Ums and GoAnimate.

Custard is also known as the "pilot of the Zoomer" on the Family Jr. website.


  • Gender: Male
  • Voice: Tween Girl (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Jennifer (LunatheMagicalGirl and Elephant012's versions)
  • Angry Voice: Wiseguy (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Veena (LunatheMagicalGirl and Elephant012's versions)
  • Sad Voice: Kimberly (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Salli (LunatheMagicalGirl and Elephant012's versions)
  • Singing Voice: Megurine Luka
  • Likes: Anything with wheels!
  • Dislikes: COC* A EGG U R, SallyJones1998 making grounded and dead meat videos out of him, porn movies and shows, Playboy magazines, M-rated games, AO-rated games, NC-17 movies, R-rated movies, TV-MA TV shows and stuff for adults, when Ivy Smith ruins his memories
  • Evil Counterpart: Evil Custard
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Favorite Music: Children's music, gospel
  • Personality: Excitable, enthusiastic, imaginative.
  • Love Interest: Foo (SallyJones1998, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, BlueKraid, and Cochrane-A's versions)/Jazzi (LunatheMagicalGirl and Elephant012's versions)

MUGEN and Super Smash Flash 2Edit

Custard is a playable newcomer character in M.U.G.E.N and SSF2. His sprite design is based on his TV show appearance, and his voice clips are taken from the children's animated series The Save-Ums.


  • Life:
  • Power:
  • Attack:
  • Defense:


  • Neutral attack - Chainsaw
  • Side Neutral -
  • Up Neutral -
  • Down Neutral -
  • Final Smash - Zoomer

Event matches with himEdit


Custard (along with the other Save-Ums) makes a return in MMD as a PMD model. He can be downloaded via direct link, and he is made by Elephant012. He also comes with the Zoomer. Custard is the copyright of Dan Clark and Don Asher as is the Emmy Award winning preschool adventure The Save-Ums.

Character informationEdit

  • Chara: Custard
  • Model: Unknown
  • Version: Unknown
  • Author: Elephant012

Technical informationEdit

  • File: .pmd
  • Location: Directlink, MediaFire, Google Drive
  • Password: None
  • Credits: Dan Clark, Don Asher

Further informationEdit

  • Editable: Yes
  • Distributable edit: No
  • Displayed: YouTube


Coming Soon (please edit, Elephant012)


  • Custard's vehicle is the Zoomer.
  • His name in Japanese is カスタード.
  • His name in Korean is 커스타.
  • His name in Hebrew is פודינג.
  • Althrough, Custard's close-up shot of his eyes are shown. However, his close-up shot of his mouth is shown sometimes (just like Boris the Teeth Guy).
  • Custard is the only Save-Um who says the word "cool" a lot of times constantly.
  • Custard's source (taken from the episode Lost in Rock World) is used for YTPMVs.
  • Custard and Jet the Hawk are compared to beat most troublemakers up.
  • When Custard is furious, he does a 2002-2003 Godzilla roar.
  • Custard's voice actor is Jordan Francis in the children's show The Save-Ums, but currently, he is voiced by Lenore Zann (who voiced Island Owl in Animal Mechanicals), making him sound the way he sounded in Season 1.
  • In UTAU, Custard (along with the other four Save-Ums) is featured in a multilanguage voicebank. He can speak or sing multilanguage with a Canadian accent. Also comes with his non-verbal files, such as coughs, sneezing, laughs, yawning, screaming, crying, breathing and others.
    • His Season 1 voice can be heard in UTAU. Note that Custard's voice will remain as his Season 1 voice in his multilanguage voicebank (unlike in the children's show The Save-Ums), due to his Season 2 voice sounding way too much.
      • His voicebank is created to reproduce his Season 1 voice in Canadian English, but also other languages ​​(like French, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.) can be obtained through manipulation of phonemes.
  • In the French dub, his name is changed to Berlingot.
  • In the Latin and European Spanish dubs, his name is changed to Jelly.
  • In the Brazilian and European Portuguese dubs, his name is changed to Sagu.
  • In an episode of the UK dub of The Save-Ums, Custard's laughter is left undubbed, meaning you hear is voice slip into a deeper one with an American accent.
  • Custard is one of the chainsaw attackers.


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