Coffee and Behania misbehave at their babysitters beaten up by Fred Jones


Kayla as Coffee(then Kidaroo)and Marisa

Princess as Behania(then Steven)Reimu and Yuudachi

Salli as Akagi and Giffany

Kimberly as Kaga,Retsuko and Tenryuu

Diesel as Jose

Julie as Leily and Shimakaze

Jill as Mitsubishi

Young Guy as Henry and Gumball

Kendra as Nagato

Emma as Yukikaze

Ivy as Inazuma,Darwin,June and Hibiki

Shy girl as Akatsuki

Tween girl as Ikazuchi


Jose: Coffee and Behania, may I please trust to babysit akagi and kaga? because today you're mom and I are going out for a date together.

Coffee: what?! come on! we don't want to babysit akagi and kaga!

Behania: because they are annoying as hell!

Leily: girls! watch you're mouth! you two have to babysit akagi and kaga and that is final! Be good until you'll get ungrounded!

Akagi: Coffee and Behania, what shall we do today?

Coffee: let's watch the problem solverz!

Kaga: No! Akagi and I hate that show! can we watch kablam instead? because we love that show!

TV Announcer: stay tuned for kablam on nickelodeon after these commercial breaks.

Coffee: Man,Kablam sucks I’m gonna destroy the tv with my piano gun

Behania:I agree with you too

Coffee and Behania destroy the tv with their weapons

Akagi: Picks up the phone,hello this is Akag-senpai they destroyed the tv

Jose(speaking on the phone) they did what oh(15x)they will be in serious trouble for this

15 minutes later:

Jose: fred jones will beat you up!

Visitors Punishs Coffee and Behania Edit

Prince Tuesday: We are defenders of the land of make believe

shimakaze: I'm shimakaze and if you call me zekamashi then my face would even look worse

amatsukaze: I'm amatsukaze and if you pull on my pigtails then I would both hit your heads on the wall 100 TIMES EVERDAY NONSTOP

fubuki: I'm fubuki

Mitsubishi: I'm Mitsubishi and if you make me watch problem solverz or save ums I’ll throw you both out the window

yuudachi: I'm Yuudachi, if you tickle tortune me, I will yell poi at you!

Drew Pickles: I'm drew pickles from rugrats and if you and my daughter Angelica bully tommy then I would feed you all three to the lions

Henry: I'm Henry

June: and I'm June

Akatsuki: I’m Akatsuki

Hibiki: I’m Hibiki

Ikazuchi: I’m Ikazuchi

Inazuma: I’m Inazuma and we’re the Akatsuki class

Nagato: Hi I’m Nagato

Tenryuu: Hi I’m Tenryuu

Darwin Watterson: I'm Darwin Watterson

Gumball Watterson: I'm Gumball Watterson

Reimu: I’m Reimu

Marisa: I’m Marisa and we’re from touhou

Nagato: You two will have detention for 2 hours and let’s start with punnishments with the Akatsuki class.

Akatsuki: 1st punishment we will change your voices from Kayla and Princess to Kidaroo and Steven

Hibiki: 3-2-1

Coffee(speaking in kidaroos voice) No(48x)

Behania(speaking in Stevens voice)Our voices are Kidaroo and Steven. We don’t wanna speak like Reggie and BingBong. Change it back,Change it back,change it back.


Coffee: I sound like Reggie from Free Birds

Behania: I sound like Bing Bong from Inside Out

Inazuma: You will have these voices forever,Nanodesu.

Tenryuu:2nd punishment wearing nappie.

Coffee: We are too old for nappies.

Behania: I agree with you,Coffee.

Giffany: You girls will be wearing nappies for the rest of your unatural born life.

Shimakaze: 3rd punishment spankings.

Coffee: Ouch(48x)

Behania: Ow(49x)

Behania: That hurts Zekamashi.

Shimakaze: Dont call me that.

Akagi: 4th punishmen, me and Kaga will slap you rears

Coffee: Wa(40x)

Behania:Ouch(40x) were bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg

Retsuko: 5th punishment slaughtering you both.

(warning ear rape)

Coffee(in voice 2000%louder) OUCH(100x) IT HURTS(100x)

‘Behani( in voice 2000% louder OUCH(100x) IT HURTS(100x)

1-401:5th punishment will whack you with our belts.

Coffee and Behania:Ouch(30x)

1-19:Stop calling me Breannin,and 6th punishment rears beating.

Coffee: Stop that.

Behania: It hurts.

Yukikaze: This means no more Save Ums,no more Problem Solverz,no more Sausage Party,no more Isle of Dogs and more.

Reimu: You’ll be grounded forever.

Marisa: I agree with Reimu. Quit liking me and start liking porn.