Chill Penguin as he appears in Goanimate and Megaman X

Lord of the Snowy Plains

Mega Man X stats:

Chill Penguin (Icy Penguigo)

Height: 163 cm (5.35 ft, mistankenly shown as 5.34 ft in game)

Weight: 108 kg (238 lbs, mistakenly shown as 237 lbs in-game)

Attacks: Shotgun Ice, Sliding


Shotgun Ice - Chill Penguin's signature weapon. He spits large chunks of ice from his beak directly toward his foes. When X copies this weapon, his ice projectile travels faster and creates smaller fragments of debris that scatter when the projectile impacts.

Slide Attack - Chill Penguin slides across the ground on his belly, ramming opponents with his head.

Icy Breath - Chill Penguin exhales concentrated nitrogen gas that freezes his opponent. He also creates penguin-shaped ice sculptures with this move.

Blizzard - A device in Chill Penguin's boss-room ceiling generates strong wind that can push X to one side of the room. If there are ice sculptures in the room created by Chill's breath attack, they will be blown across the floor and will hurt X if he touches them.

Voice: Joey

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