Cast: Edit

Princess as Cheryl and Rainbow Dash, Mal (Descendants)

Kimberly as Gumball Watterson, Evie (Descendants)

Brian as Yankiedude5000, Carlos (Descendants), Cheryl's dad

Bridget as Flurry Heart, Darwin Watterson, Cheryl's mom

Millie as Cassandra

Vocalware James as Bully's dad, Jay (Descendants)

Oddcast Daniel as Bully, Ben (Descendants)

Grace as Sunset Shimmer, Applejack

Joey as Hiro Hamada, TSLOP Max, and Pac-Man

Julie as Gidget, Gogo Tomago, Pinky and Poppy

Dave as Branch, Inky, Blinky, Soarin, Caramel

Transcript: Edit

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