Cheryl: Hi! I am Cheryl. And today I am going to become a referee at the football game. Let's go to the football game!

(When Cheryl walks to the school football field)

Cheryl: This must be the game, now I will be the referee.

(When Rainbow Dash and Gumball Watterson play the football, Rainbow trips over Gumball and he falls to the ground.)

Gumball Watterson: Ouch! Rainbow tripped me!

Cheryl: No Gumball, you did that to yourself! You get the yellow card!

(Cheryl shows the yellow card to Gumball)

Gumball: What! You can't give me the yellow card! Give one to Rainbow!

Cheryl: Shut up! If you trip yourself one more time, you will get the red card and you will sent off the game. Now let's play some football.

Gumball: Referees don't use that kind of attitude, you're way to young to be the referee for this football game.

Cheryl: Oh! (x30)

Cheryl: How dare you say that to me! That's it, you're getting a red card! You're sent off!

(Cheryl shows the red card to Gumball and he sent off)

Cheryl: Now go to the changing room until the game is over.

Gumball: This is the outrage! You don't do everything, right?!

Rainbow Dash: Cheryl, how dare you become a referee and send off Gumball! That's it, I'm calling your parents!

Cheryl: No! (x30)

(When Cheryl runs home while Rainbow Dash calling Cheryl's parents)

Rainbow Dash: Hello Cheryl's parents, your daughter Cheryl became a referee and sent off Gumball. Can you please ground her?! Okay, bye!

Cheryl's Dad: Cheryl, how dare you become a referee at the football game and send off Gumball! That's it, you are grounded grounded grounded grounded for 293 weeks!

Cheryl's Mom: Now go upstairs to your room right now!

Cheryl: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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