Cathy's dad-Diesel

Dylan (mentioned)


Sallie (mentioned)

Alan (mentioned)



This picks up where Sallie beat up Emily. Cathy knew that Emily was there so she asked her parents permission to go there.


Cathy: Hey Dad?

Cathy's dad: What is it Cathy?

Cathy: Can I go to the hospital?

Cathy's dad: Why?

Cathy: Because I heard that Sallie Nickerson beat up my brother's girlfriend and even worse, her father Alan doesn't like Emily also.

Cathy's dad: You mean your brother Dylan? It would be a pleasure to go to the hospital to comfort his girlfriend.

(at hospital)

Doctor: Who are you?

Cathy: I'm Cathy Abigail McCarthy. 

Doctor: Why are you here?

Cathy: Because Sallie beat up my brother's girlfriend and her father doesn't like her as well.

Doctor: She's in room 127.

(in room 127)

Emily: Dylan, is that you?

Cathy: I'm not Dylan but I'm his sister Cathy. You must be his girlfriend.

Emily: I am. I'm a little hurt.

Cathy: Did that troublemaker Sallie beat you up yesterday?

Emily: She did but somehow she didn't get in trouble since her father didn't like me anyway.

Cathy: I hope you recover tomorrow so you can reunite with Dylan.

Emily: I hope so.


This is the sequel to Sallie Beats Up Emily and Gets Ungrounded.