Cathy's dad-Diesel

Cathy's mom-Kate

TJ (mentioned)


Cathy gets ungrounded for destroying her brother's remote control helicopter since it woke her and her parents up.


Dylan: I'm going to play with my remote control helicopter.

(Helicopter sounds)

(cuts to Cathy sleeping)

Cathy: What's that sound?

Cathy's mom (offscreen): Keep it down, Cathy! TJ is trying to sleep!

Cathy: I know Mom but I can't sleep too! Something is keeping me up! Wait a minute, it's my brother Dylan and his remote control helicopter! That's what's waking me up! I will destroy his helicopter!

(in Dylan's room)

Cathy: Dylan, how dare you wake me up with your helicopter? That's it! I will destroy it!

(Cathy destroyed helicopter)

Dylan: Oh no! Cathy, how dare you destroy my helicopter? That cost me $150! I'm telling!

Cathy's mom: What is it Dylan?

Dylan: Cathy destroyed my helicopter and it cost $150!

Cathy's mom: Well, good!

Dylan: What?

Cathy's mom: You kept your sister up by using your remote control helicopter and my husband and I as well! That's it! You are grounded until Christmas! Go to bed now!

Dylan: I hate you!

Cathy's mom: Cathy, thank you for destroying your brother's helicopter. You know it kept us up all night. You are now ungrounded.