Bruce is a character made by Louielouie89 in January 2011. He is Chuck's younger brother and Katherine's younger brother. He likes Coloring Books and Toys which makes him very childish. He also likes baby shows. He is also only 2 years old. But he is a good boy.


Age: 2

Likes: Toys, baby shows, Coloring books

Dislikes: Chuck (due to Chuck being very rude)

Favorite food: Lactaid products

Milk Sensativity Status: Extremely lactose intolerant

Voice: Voiceforge David/Evil Genius/ Zach


Diesel Smith v2- Foster dad

Kate Smith v2- Foster mom

Chuck- Brother

Katherine- Sister

Friends and Enemies Belong Here:

Friends: His clique members, everyone in his family (except Chuck)

Enemies: Chuck, Gruff, Lobo and other bad people

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