• Abbykat1286

    [Nathan Pearson goes to the video store]

    Employee: Welcome to the video store. What can I help you?

    Nathan Pearson: Can I get Caillou season 1 on DVD?

    Employee: Here you go!

    Nathan Pearson: Thank you!

    [21 minutes later]

    Nathan Pearson: Now I'm going to watch this DVD.

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  • Abbykat1286

    [Jimmy goes to the DVD store] Employee: Welcome to the Video store. What can I help you?

    Jimmy: I would like to get Frozen on DVD.

    Employee: Here you go.

    Jimmy: Thanks.

    [Back at Jimmy's house]

    Jimmy: Now I'm going to watch it right now.

    [1 hour and 42 minutes later]

    Jimmy: That was an awesome movie.

    [Jimmy's dad, Deisel, appears]

    jimmy: Oh no!

    Deisel: Jimmy, how dare you get Frozen on DVD! You know that movie is made by Disney! And you are prohibited from watching anything made by Disney! That's it! you are grounded for 32 years! now I'm returning the DVD to the Video store.

    [35 minutes later]

    Deisel: Now I'm going to call in the visitors.

    [3 Hours later]

    Deisel: Jimmy, you have some visitors.

    Paul: I'm Paul, and you should know that you shouldn't get D…

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  • Abbykat1286

    Scootatoo: I finally made a fake vhs opening to Space jam 1978 by Dreamworks. Real,not fake.

    Alan: Scotatoo,what did you make?

    Scootatoo: A fake vhs opening.

    Alan: Let me see.

    (Alan sees the fake vhs opening)

    Alan: Scootatoo,the opening is fake! Space jam came out in 1996. Not 1978. And it was not made by Dreamworks. It was made by Warner bros. Thats it! You are grounded for life! Now I'm calling in the visitors.

    (30 minutes later)

    Alan: Scootatoo,you have some visitors here to see you.

    Louielouie95: I'm Louielouie95. Scootatoo,you will loose privileges to talk to Warren cook ever again.

    Jack sulivan: I'm Jack sullivan,you will loose everything made by Dreamworks,Blue sky,and Mondo media.

    Anthony abate: I'm Anthony abate,you will be going to night s…

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  • Abbykat1286

    Rhino man: Davidtheanimationguy,you are grounded for life! Go to bed now!

    (Davidtheanimationguy runs to his room)

    Rhino man: Yes! I've grounded Davidtheanimationguy!

    Davidtheanimationguy: look,Brandonthemovieguy! Rhino man grounded me!

    Brandonthemovieguy: Rhino man! How dare you ground Davidtheanimationguy! Thats it! I'm calling horace n' buggy right now!

    Rhino man: No no no no no no no no no no no no no!

    (Meanwhile at Rhino man's house)

    Brian: Rhino man,how dare you ground Davidtheanimationguy! He did nothing wrong! Thats it! You are grounded for life! That means no 1940s stuff of any kind,along with the chicago bears vs washington redskins game.

    Horace n' buggy: Thats right Rhino man! You are the worst spiderman villain ever! And you will not ge…

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  • JessicaFin23

    Hello everyone. I wanted to tell you about Grounded videos and how they affected the GoAnimate community. Using my savvy brain and research techniques, I found some facts about what's wrong with grounded videos in the GoAnimate universe and how I'm glad the craze ended. GoAnimate is a website that allows people to make their own animated videos, using a Flash Animation app. It has been used even by some noted Animation personalities such as Paul Dini, who used it to produce his web series "Super Rica and Rashy". Signing up is free for 14 days, though you must upgrade to a paid account if you want to have access to their full resources. You must be at least 13 years old to join. However, a lot of the community lies about their age.

    There are…

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  • TommyFilmsPro


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