(David is on his computer. Paul and Eric come over to see what's going on)

Paul: What are you doing, David?

David: I'm putting together a book of famous waterways, but I'm having trouble getting good shots of the Bering Strait.

Eric: No one has any good photos?

David: Well, this one photo-collecting geek has offered to email me some, but they're all GIFs, and I like JPGs.

Paul: JPGs? What are JPGs?

David: They're just different ways to compress images on the web. I like the color in JPGs better, so I want to be careful to not use any GIFs.

Paul: I guess that's why you hear the warning.

David: What warning?

Paul: Beware of geeks' Bering GIFs.

(Eric realizes that Paul just made yet another pun)

Eric: Wait...what?

(Scene switches to Eric holding a baseball bat next to an unconscious PC Guy. Paul and David look in shock and confusion)

Eric: It had to be done.