Barney Errors are a common fad on the website of Go!Animate. The most known Barney Error creators are CECOfficial, SlugterraYes RobTheRobotNoEDCP (Adrian Salinas), Microsoft Sam, XxEdgiKid2016WeedxbaX DeezNUTZ, ethanb0206, and more!

The Story. Bony why Edit

After a brief Family Guy styled cutaway joke, a BSOD appears on the screen. The announcer says something along the lines of this example: "Your game has been interrupted due to a Barney Error! Barney was killed by Somedude Thisguy. Somedude Thisguy put a bomb in Barney's Lair. This is important so you must not turn off your game system or else I will get extremely mad at you and you will no longer own this game system." The consequence may vary depending on the video you are watching, for most, when you turn it off, you are grounded for a long amount of time. However, sometimes you get extra chances, and other times, the announcer tries to ground you, but gets interrupted by you turning off the system again, and again, and the more you turn it off, the more disturbing Barney's appearance becomes.


What you typically might see when you interrupt an announcer that is about to punish you.

Barney erorr

Barney erorr

The typical Barney Error video