Armored Armadillo as he appears in Goanimate and Megaman X

Steel Armored Warrior

Mega Man X stats

Armored Armadillo (Armor Armarge)

Height: 194 cm (6.37 ft, mistakenly shown as 6.36 ft in-game)

Weight: 232 kg (512 lbs, mistakenly shown as 510 lbs in-game)

Attacks: Rolling Shield, Guarding


Armor - Armadillo is protected by armor plates covering his back and a shield attached to each forearm. Buster fire will not penetrate these plates.

Head Buster - Armadillo has a blaster concealed under a plate on his head and fires three-shot volleys.

Rolling Shield - Armored Armadillo does what armadillos do best and curls up into a ball, rapidly spinning and bouncing around his boss-room. He is invincible whilst he is in motion. When Mega Man X copies Armadillo's data, he can fire blue spheres of energy that roll across the ground and inflict concussive damage.

Voice: Eric

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