• Annet Myer

    Annet Myer in her Lakeside outfit

  • Falcon

    Annet Myer as a Falcon

Annet Myer is a green haired girl from Earnest Evans, El Viento, and Annet Again. In Goanimate, she is a good user and has the ability to transform into a falcon if necessary. She also has a Loon as a pet. She is revealed to have Patchy the Pirate's no voice.

  • Becky

    Annet Myer's pet Loon bird Becky

Voice: Julie

Likes: Wearing her pink dress, painting her fingernails and toenails pink

Dislikes: Porn, Nick and Perry tickling her feet into pocket money, Playboy Magazines,

First Appearance: Charlie and Lola calls Annet Myer's child (Roll Light) stupid/grounded along with Roll Light

Favorite toenail color: Pink, Green

Pokemon she has Edit

  • Lilligant - Nickname: Saria
  • Noctowl - Nickname: Soren
  • Unfezant (Female) - Nickname: Becky