Cast Edit

Annalise- Princess

Annalise's Dad- Diesel

Annalise's Mom- Grace

Summary Edit

This is the shortest The Annalise Series episode. She walks around her house in black clothing and gets grounded for that!

Transcript Edit

Annalise ( scheming ): I'm going to walk around the house goth. But first I need to wear some black clothing.

( Annalise puts on her black clothes )

Annalise: I will now walk around.

( after that... )

Annalise's Dad ( scary voice ): Annalise! Annalise! Annalise! Annalise! Annalise! Teleport over here right now!

Annalise's Mom: Annalise, how dare you walk around the house goth! You know that we strictly forbid you to be goth!

Annalise's Dad: You're grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded until you die! Go to bed!

Trivia: Edit

  • This was the shortest The Annalise Series episode ever, only having 24 seconds in it.

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