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Season {{{0 }}}, Episode 10 9
Vital statistics
Air date December, 23rd 2013
Written by Skyer
Directed by Me
Episode guide
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Annalise Lies to the Principal ( Season 1 Finale ) Annalise Forces Me to Like Archer
Annalise Says Swear Words In Class is the 1st episode of the second season of The Annalise Series. This episode is about Annalise ( from New Leaf ) saying swear words during English class and then she ends up grounded for the rest of the week. This episode aired with Benedict Forces Me To Like Archer at the same exact day.

Cast belongs here! Edit

Annalise- Princess

Teacher- Dave

Cally- Catherine

Principal- Bridget

Annalise's mom- Grace

Summary: Edit

Like I said before.

Transcript: Edit


Trivia: Edit

  • The part of g--- was cut out due to tentacle diffucties that day.

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